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Q&A session #1

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Q&A session #1


Aron and Frank will have a weekly queston and answer podcast so be sure to send your questions to or

In this episode Aron and Frank answer questions ranging from boots to backpack stoves, as well as Mule deer tips and tactics to increase your chance of a successful hunt.


Below are all the questions asked in this episode along with the corresponding time code.


Question – Aron, Why are you using a stiff boot as opposed to a softer boot? Timestamp 00:01:25 – 00:12:10

Question – What socks do you wear? Timestamp 00:12:10 – 00:14:50

Question – Aron, why do you shoot such a heavy arrow? Timestamp 00:14:50 – 00:23:30

Question – What broadheads do you use? Timestamp 00:23:30 – 00:31:55

Question – Aron, why did you switch from First lite to Sitka?  Timestamp 00:31:55 – 00:38:25

Question – Frank, what call do you use while predator hunting? Timestamp 00:39:10 – 00:44:50

Question – What fishing reel and rod do you use for backpack fishing? Timestamp 00:45:00 – 00:50:05

Question – Aron, how long have you been a photographer? Timestamp 00:50:05 – 00:57:25

Question – Aron, What backpacking stove do you use? Timestamp 00:57:30 – 01:00:15

Question – Aron, Frank – I Need advice on a mule deer hunt. Timestamp 01:00:25 – 01:07:45

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